An evaluation helps the therapist formulate a treatment plan that includes the horse's "central computer" (brain) including nerve roots affected, acute or chronic sites, surrounding tissues, compensating areas and point formulas. It includes a base body reading with a resulting "acceptable range." Each horse's base body reading and range will be different. Everywhere we evaluate the body - our reading should be within this range. The Acuscope helps us to pinpoint the exact location of pain. In addition to palpating your horse for muscle soreness, lumps, bumps, irritation, etc., readings are taken. On the case study below (L) and (M) represent lateral and medial or outside and inside. There are three points we read on the coronary band: lateral, medial, and front.

Upon completion, your veterinarian may use the evaluation to help diagnose an animal's condition and determine the best form of treatment, which may result in a referral for Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse treatments to begin.

Case Study (see graphic below)

On manual observation, this horse had spasms over his back, lack of resistance in his tail, a tight neck, spasms in area of the girth and some swelling in the fetlocks.

Using the Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse Therapy System, a base body reading was taken. This horse's base body reading was 110, with his acceptable "range" being between 105 - 115. Using this information, anything above 115 is termed Acute and anything below 105 is termed Chronic.

The reactive site readings over the back and spine demonstrated chronic readings, as did the right hind front of the cannon bone and the girth on the left side. (Reactive site readings are those areas we found sore while palpating).



The evaluation gives us a starting point for treatments in addition to telling us where high and low areas of resistance (pain) exist in the body.


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