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Ladd Stokes, Temecula, CA "Horse Shoer"
Horse: Quarter Horse, "Lacy," DOB: 1988
Condition: Osteomyelitis in hock

Steve & Denise Strand, Cabazon, CA "Team Ropers"
Horse: "Jake"
Condition: Bowed tendon

Art & Lori Parker, Cabazon, CA "Team Ropers"
Horse: "Jack"
Condition: Lameness

Lauren Nethery, Cherry Valley, CA "Trail Horse"
Horse: Half-Arabian "Misty," DOB: 1978
Condition: Bowed tendon

Lorna Burke, Banning, CA "Halter Horse"
Horse: "Enough Said" aka "Hunk," registered paint, DOB: 1995
Condition: Painful shoulder, lame on the left front

T. A. Franklin, CA. "Dressage Horse"
Horse: Arabian / Trakaner "Maybe Later"
Condition: Lameness in left hip

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